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MIAA doctor appeals for honesty from inbound passengers

By Ariel Fernandez

A Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) doctor is appealing to all inbound passengers to be honest and tell the truth if they have a medical condition or contact with persons suspected to be positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

MIAA doctor Claro Isidro issued the appeal to protect airport personnel and other passengers.

“Have the courage to tell the truth. If you have a history of travel to coronavirus-affected countries, please tell the health workers who are interviewing you,” Isidro said.

“We are here to help mankind to prevent the spread of this new virus,” he added.

Isidro said medical practitioners “risk our lives, leave our families at home, to take care of your health needs.”

He added that a number of doctors have succumbed to COVID-19, with many more going through quarantine and risking their lives just to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Honesty and cooperation are all we need so we can continue to take care of you. So please be honest,” he said.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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