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With no masses in Hong Kong, bishop urges home prayers for OFWs

By Leslie Ann Aquino

Since public masses have been suspended in Hong Kong due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), overseas Filipino workers there were urged by a Catholic prelate to just pray at home.

Bishop Ruperto Santos (CBCP / MANILA BULLETIN)

Bishop Ruperto Santos

“Even if there will be no public masses, in their own homes we advise our OFWs to pray more,” Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos said in an interview.

The vice chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commission Migrants and Itinerant People said OFWs should pray for the disease to end and for those afflicted to be healed.

“Consistently pray for eradication of COVID-19, its cure and healing of those contaminated,” he said.

Bishop Santos also reminded OFWs to still practice fasting and abstinence during the observance of Ash Wednesday on February 26 despite the cancellation of its liturgy.

Catholic officials in Hong Kong earlier announced the suspension of public masses on Sundays and weekdays for two weeks and the cancellation of the liturgy of Ash Wednesday.

The ECMI official said they support the decision of Hong Kong church officials as it was done for the safety of all.

“It is for common good, for safety of all and preventive measures,” said Santos.

His message to OFWs: “Always do what is necessary to protect you from this COVID 19. Follow and fulfill the directives of those in authority.”

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